Unleash the inner super-parent in me
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The family.

The family

Hi, I’m Sam, husband and father of four.

I have been involved with youth education since 1997 (I was 17 at the time).

Initially, my main tool of discipline was yelling, which soon evolved into an personal alarm whistle. I’m glad my children were not born until almost 11 years later, when I had accumulated enough experience and picked up some skills that enabled me to find more subtle ways to communicate with those under my care.

The journey took time and required much humility as anything in life worth doing does. And still, there is a long way to go.

Super parents are not born… They are made ONE DECISION AT A TIME.

It is my firm belief that raising children happens as much after their bedtime (when you reflect on your day and interactions with them) as it does when you spend time with them. You can only learn from those experiences which you have reflected over when you’re on your own or with your spouse. Brutal honesty with yourself is a must.

You can only help your children be who they are called to be if you are the best version of yourself.

This is what Key to Their Hearts is all about…